Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Politics-Had to do it....

So I was watching the presidential debate tonight and I feel compelled to jot down some thoughts. When I was in high school I had a really great thoughtful and astute teacher that said-and this was many years back-that in our lifetime we would see communist/socialist countries become more of a free market enterprise and those countries whose markets were free would become more communist/socialistic. That statement made so many years ago kept resonating with me as I listened to Obama's rhetoric? no...disillusions? no...Utopian dreams? no...just a bunch of communist ideas that will be the downfall of this great nation. Mandating that every parent has to get health care for their child is noble but then imposing a monetary fine on them if they don't? Same for businesses? He loves to say how he will cut taxes for 95% of Americans. How does he do his math? 40% of those same Americans don't even pay any taxes now-the top 5% of earners in this country pay currently 40% of the country's taxes. Sure lets go ahead and raise their taxes-take from the people that create jobs and give that money to the "needy". You can throw as much money as you would like to most of those "needy" people. I will tell you what-you are wasting your time. You cant make someone want to get an education. You cant make someone want to get a job. You cant make someone want to work to own a home. Those things have to be worked for and earned and no matter how hard Obama tries to redistribute the wealth in this country he will fail. He will fail because this country was not built on handouts. This country was built on hard working people that wanted to better themselves. Then of course the argument is well they have so many kids and they cant afford day care to work or go to school. Hey-should have kept it in your pants. That was your choice to have kids-deal with it. My dad worked two jobs to support my mom and I while he went to school. Again, if you want it bad enough you will find a way. My other comments have to do with the recent economic crisis. It is so amazing to me that any rational person can look at this mess and say its the Republicans fault. I am not saying they did not do all they could have because there is always something more that could have been done. I am talking about in 1995 when Clinton created Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac under the premise that all people should be able to own a home. Noble idea. Here's the problem with that. Not everyone should own a home. Its not every Americans right to have a home. Then later when legislation was brought to create regulations on these two fine organizations we find out that Barney Frank was having an affair with one of the chief operating executives of Freddie Mac. Hmmmm....Guess what happened to that legislation? You guessed it.. Then for the last two years he and Chris Dodd have done nothing to warn the American public as leaders of the Senate Banking and Finance Committee. That was their job to warn us. But no-they said it was going to all be fine. Then you have your lovely organizations like Acorn applying pressure to lending companies to grant loans to people that could not afford or even possibly pay back the money they were being given. But again-socialism-lets all have the same and we are all entitled. My criticism with McCain is that he has not brought all this up enough. People need to know who and what is at the root of this bailout-our money. I have an idea. If Obama wants everything to be "fair" why don't some of his terrorist friends like William Ayers or the Hollywood whackos kick down some dollars to all those struggling Americans? Instead of donating millions to his campaign why don't they try to do some real good and give it to the poor? If they believe so strongly that the poor should have all our money why do they need to have to wait for a tax bill to tell them to do it? Oprah-why don't you just give all your money to the poor now? Now that would be patriotic. One last item....The Dems love to praise the 90's as the economic high time. I think they were high. My company who always gave annual raises had to move to 18 month raises due to the poor economy. By the way, those annual raises are now back in place and have been for a couple years now. Hmmmmm. Small business were going out of business left and right due to the taxes Clinton had imposed and we saw Silicon Valley go under. I make a whole hell of a lot more now than I did in the 90's which I guess will turn out to be a bad thing since now I will only get to keep .38 cents of every dollar I make. Good times. Oh and hey equal pay for equal work for women? Why does Obama pay his female staffers .77 cents less than their male counterparts for doing the same job. Walk the talk man-if nothing else give those women in your office a raise-God knows they deserve it.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Blog Virgin

So yes this is my first time "blogging". Little nervous-not gonna lie. I am sweating like a fat girl writing her first love letter or a whore in Tiajuana-take your pick. The request from friends has brought me here...to write about family, life, love, drama, what have you. So, there will be more to come as I gently ease into my rhythm-no innuendo's here-and get used to the thrill of the world that is BLOG.

Ok so if this is lame please lie to me at first and tell me I was really great so as to build up my confidence.....